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Valentine's jewellery box

Improving Valentine’s Jewellery Sales This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a significant seasonal event every year for all retail businesses in the UK and worldwide, generating millions of pounds of sales in the UK. However, despite the impact COVID-19 has had on many people’s lives, Valentine’s Day remains as popular as ever. Last year, the UK spent £926m on Valentine’s Day, expecting...


Jewellery Photography: Common issues and fixing them

Jewellery can be a challenging subject to photograph for photography studios. As a result, it can be time-consuming both within production and post-production. This article will discuss some common issues faced when photographing jewellery professionally and how to fix those issues. Fingerprints and Debris on Jewellery Pieces High-quality photography picks up every little detail. Even...


Engagement Photoshoot – Taking the perfect photos

Wedding photos are a significant milestone, so, why not have an engagement photoshoot to capture these memories too? They make a great addition to any wedding album, telling the story fromWedding photos are a significant milestone, but you can also include an engagement photoshoot. Engagement photos can be a great inclusion to any wedding album....

checking emails

How to: Jewellery Business Newsletters

Newsletters can be a great tool to enticing customers to return and buy from you again. You can utilise them to inform customers of important business updates and new products. But what are the steps you need to take to ensure you get the most out of newsletters for your jewellery business? Avoid creating spam...


Product Photography Tips

It would help if you got a professional photographer to shoot your products in a perfect world. However, if your budget is tight but familiar with the camera, you can use these product photography tips to make the best of your photographs. This blog will discuss product photography tips to help you achieve better results....