Setting Up Your Online Store on Etsy

Setting Up Your Online Store on Etsy

Founded 15 years ago, Etsy has now become a hotspot for handcrafted goods. From glass blowing to needlework, Etsy is the perfect site for supporting small businesses. You might harness the skills to create beautiful gifts, but how can you get started with your online store?

If you aren’t selling handcrafted goods, Etsy might not be the place for you, but fear not, eBay or Amazon might be! Check out this helpful article here for selling goods on eBay and Amazon.

Setting up your online store

jewellery for etsy

First of all, you’ll want to download both of Etsy’s apps; they have one made for buyers and another for storefronts and sellers. 

When you create your account, you will be asked to set up a profile picture and a short bio explaining who you are; this is an excellent way for customers to get to know you and enhances the idea of buying from small businesses rather than large impersonal brands.


One of the first steps you’ll need complete when you start is choosing a shop name. Now, you may already have an established your brand and brand name, but you do need to check that this brand name is available on Etsy. 

Struggling to choose a name? Consider what makes your products unique or your brand. Try not to limit yourself with your brand name too incase you intend on branching out to more products. “Bethany’s bath bombs” may summarise your business well but if you start selling bath salts or even fragrances in the future it might not portray your full potential. 


Visuals are key to building your brand. Your logo and banner are the first steps to decorating your new digital storefront, just like you would a front window! You’ll want to decide on a cohesive colour scheme for your logos and even your packaging.  

You’ll also want to add some text to your about page. Share your story as a business. Etsy thrives on business from customers seeking small businesses they can support and trust. Your about page really allows you to sell yourself to that audience in particular. 

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Adding Listings

Once your store is set up, its time to make some sales! A critical part of eCommerce is product photography. Afterall this is the bridge over the gap between instore shopping and online. Your customers need to see the product. High quality photos are a great way for customers to immerse themselves in the world of your product. 

Draw attention to key details with close ups and showcase the product in its natural setting with lifestyle photos

Clear photos also reduce your returns rates so you can focus on making money rather than refunding it. 

Online store Product Descriptions

The second most important part to your etsy listing is the product description. Prioritise your unique selling points and emphasis them. This is also the time to discuss the key elements like materials, manufacturing processes, measurements, colours and other details like instructions. Etsy also provides an easy to use messaging service between buyers and sellers. Take notes on your FAQ’s as your business takes off and then include these in your descriptions as it may highlight areas you didn’t previously consider. 

Ready to go…

Now you’re ready to go! Etsy opens up a whole new world of potential customers to help you grow your business into a successful company.

Learn more about Etsy & other marketplace platforms here.

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