Putting together Gift guides for Customers

gift guide themed lifestyle

Advertise your products for free! Gift guides are an invaluable sales tool as you can provide examples for all different types of price points and all of your potential customer profiles. They also provide content for your social media pages, blogs or possibly a newsletter sent to previous customers who have agreed to promotional emails. 

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Customer personas 

You can use customer profiles made previously for marketing. These are great to really go into detail on who might enjoy your products as a gift, then segment these categories into price points for different gift givers. Advertise budget friendly options for secret Santas, or a gift suitable for someone you may not know as well.

gift guide customer personas

Themed Lifestyle shots

Make the gift guide look visually appealing. Showcase how the gifts will look surrounded by wrapping paper or being opened by a model. Set the scene with lifestyle shots. High quality professional visuals and photography are great for getting across the quality of your products across. Quality images = quality products. 

gift guide themed lifestyle

Use stunning graphics

There are so many different platforms available to create high quality graphics. For beginners and a more budget friendly option, we’d recommend Canva. Canva offers a range of free and paid template options you can choose from to create a stunning, professional looking pieces. Canva comes with a very user friendly interface, which is very helpful for any level of expertise. If you are familiar with ADOBE, a more personalised option would be Adobe Illustrator.

Canva Gift guide

Plan ahead of time

Make a calendar of important holidays. Don’t forget to look into the places you offer shipping to. Dates for key holidays can vary on the region and even additional holidays that may not be native to you, might be widely celebrated with gifts in a country you offer shipping. Top tip: Segment your email subscribers based on their native country. You’ll also want to consider shipping times and how this will affect when potential gifts arrive. If you advertise ahead of time you allow your customers to be organised.

Offer different gift options

Offer different budget categories. Gift guides should narrow down the selection process and make it as easy as possible. It will also give insight on more budget friendly options that you offer..


Think of unique ways to present gifts

Presentation has so many options. You can even adopt a more traditional approach and print your gift guides as in store pamphlets if your business is brick and mortar. Newsletters, quizzes and even instagram categories are all great options. We’d recommend to adopt as many presentation options as possible so it’s much more accessible. Don’t over complicate each option, gift guides are meant to be a time saver.

Overall, your gift guide is a free and useful marketing tool and can encourage purchases from returning and new customers. It’s important to refresh these every year, keep them relevant and ensure you make them seen online.

How will you present your gift guide? Tell us in the comments

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