Improving Valentine’s Jewellery Sales This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's jewellery box
Valentine's jewellery box

Valentine’s Day is a significant seasonal event every year for all retail businesses in the UK and worldwide, generating millions of pounds of sales in the UK. However, despite the impact COVID-19 has had on many people’s lives, Valentine’s Day remains as popular as ever. Last year, the UK spent £926m on Valentine’s Day, expecting an increase this year, according to The increased spending provides an excellent opportunity to sell your Valentine’s jewellery to an audience desperate for thoughtful gifts ideas.

This blog will discuss how to get your jewellery products in front of your target audience this Valentine’s Day and what you can do to make them purchase your jewellery being sold rather than a product from the high street.

Personalised Valentine’s Jewellery.

Provide personalised products as a one-off piece for your customers. Examples of personalised jewellery can be engraving someone’s initials or adding symbolic to the jewellery. Personalised jewellery is hugely popular, and your business should consider branching out to personalised jewellery if you haven’t already. 

Create A Unique Jewellery Piece

.As a jeweller, think about how you would create a unique, one a kind piece of jewellery that’s would capture your potential customer’s attention. Again, sites such as Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration.

Make sure your product images are as unique as your new and unique product. Hiring a professional Jewellery Photographer will help bring your product in the best light. Professional images need a unique product description to go along with them. Every jewellery description should include the sizes and measurements of your jewellery piece. 

Ensure that all Valentine gifts will arrive On Time

Shoppers won’t order online if delivery dates can’t ensure their purchase arrives for Valentine’s Day. If it’s possible to have next day delivery on your jewellery, include it on your listing and make it a selling point.

Update and optimise your jewellery listings for Valentine search results instead of making new listings. Updating your descriptions will make your jewellery easier to find for buyers. A good way to do this is by adding keywords relating to Valentine’s Day to your jewellery’s titles, descriptions, and relevant tags.

Get Your Valentine’s Jewellery Out There

There are many Valentine-themed gift guides online at this Time of year. Contact industry-relevant bloggers, ‘influencers’ or Instagrammers on various platforms. Make sure to be friendly, honest and genuine but not too pushy. 

If the influencers use social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, talk with them. Let the influencer know about the new products you want to advertise, ask them if they would like a sample of the product. Then, consider providing an offer for their followers that they would be willing to promote. Sponsers usually provide a unique discount code or competition for anyone who signs or purchases for a service. 

Offer more & Make Your Customers Feel Special.

When selling products online, you should make it easy for customers to choose the right gift for their romantic partner and make them feel special, and their gifts should feel unique.

You can offer additional services for your customers. For example, consider offering to wrap your customer’s gifts or add a little ‘anonymous’ Valentine note to the gift. Ensure that this service is made clear in your listing, so your potential customers are aware of this service. 

Get Ready For Valentine’s Early

It might be too late for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, but to get the most attention to your products, you need to start thinking about your product range as soon as possible. Of course, it can be tricky if you’re planning for Valentine’s sales in the middle of the Christmas rush. Your Valentine’s Jewellery range must have professional photos taken thanks to a professional jewellery photographer and descriptions created in November or December. This will give you time to create the product listings to go live in January if possible. By doing this, your jewellery products have a better chance of seeing potential customers.

To improve your chance of your jewellery being featured on different websites and blogs, make sure you add relevant keywords to your product listings, including ‘Valentine’, ‘Valentine’s Day, ‘Valentine Gift’, ‘Valentine Gift for Him. It would be best to put Valentine’s day keywords into your titles, descriptions and tags to optimise search results.

Think about creating a Valentine’s Day collection in your shop, where you can add any products you think might appeal to people looking for a Valentine’s Day gift.

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