Popular Wedding Photography Trends in 2022

Wedding Photography by Olfi Studios
Wedding Photography by Olfi Studios
By olfi studios

Wedding photography trends have changed and evolved these past few years. This change in trends is thanks to new social trends, improvements in technology and different circumstances. In this blog, we have researched current trends that couples are doing for their weddings and trends from wedding photographers themselves and how they are changing and improving the wedding photography experience.


Formal and traditional weddings are becoming less popular. The decrease in popularity can be due to the costs and stress in preparation associated with weddings. As a result, couples are arranging more relaxed and informal wedding ceremonies instead. Weddings that are more relaxed can result in a more pleasant and less stressful experience for the couple, the photographer and guests at the wedding.

Weddings can be costly for couples as well as the cost of living increasing. As a result, couples are looking to have their wedding on a budget while still having a beautiful and enjoyable wedding.

Relaxed weddings can also benefit wedding photographers due to the lack of preparation or organising required. As a result, the photographer can blend in with the crowd and even do what they think is best to get the best shots.


Instead of wedding photography consisting of multiple posed photos and every possible family shot possible. Documentary Wedding photography focuses on those natural moments that couples and photographers are looking for in their photography.

Documentary wedding photography is trendy due to the relaxed and informal style documentary wedding photography provides. This style of wedding photography partners well with relaxed weddings. Documentary wedding photography captures those little details, the emotions on the married couple’s faces, beautiful moments with the guests, and priceless reactions.


First look photos are a popular wedding photography option that has been trending for a few years now and has remained popular. Examples of first-look photos include seeing each other for the first time or having photographers capture their parent’s first glimpse of them in white as part of the occasion. First look photography can help save stress for the photographer by doing the main photos of the bride and groom before the ceremony. This helps the photographer feel more at ease taking photos of everyone attending the ceremony and party.


An increasing amount of couples are looking to hire a second photographer and videographer for their wedding. While this is expensive, this allows photos of both the groomsmen and bride getting ready for the wedding. In addition, couples are becoming more aware of the importance of photography and therefore look to ensure every moment has been photographed beautifully.

Couples also look to capture a mini film of their wedding. Videography is becoming more popular with couples who wish to relive their big day and hire a videographer to accomplish this.


More couples are going unplugged for their wedding ceremony despite how prevalent technology is these days. In unplugged ceremonies, guests don’t use cameras, no phones, no iPads, just guests being there and enjoying the moment with you without being distracted by their phones or using social media.


Social media has become mainstream due to its popularity, yet it can be frustrating for some people. For example, some couples can find it frustrating to post photos of their wedding on social media. Selfies and the happy couple are posted online before the wedding is finished. A trend rising in popularity is requesting guests not to post anything on social media until the day is over. Not using social media relates to unplugged ceremonies. Couples want their guests to enjoy and celebrate the day with you; you already have a photographer there, remind them of this.

Some couples, however, want to see the photos guests are taking and therefore wouldn’t go for an unplugged ceremony. Instead, using social media, couples can try setting up wedding hashtag(s) for guests to upload photos to Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Creating a hashtag can help promote the event and help you experience your wedding through their eyes.


This increasingly popular technique might involve using flying drones for overhead shots of the wedding party. Using a drone for wedding photography is an effective way for the photographer to capture the guest’s overall spirit and excitement of the day.

Drone photography also gives the photographer different angles and vantage points. This optimises the appeal of drone technology and is becoming another famous tool photographers use to capture photos.


Despite the improvements in technology with wedding images being stored on USB drives, wedding albums are still top-rated. Photo albums are a great way to have your photographer create a beautiful album of your day. In addition, the couple can choose the wedding photos by selecting photos for the album to tell a story that can be shared for a lifetime.


Wedding days for many couples and photographers can be chaotic and stressful. Often, issues can happen beyond a wedding photographer’s control (e.g. drunken wedding party, time crunch, lighting issues, etc.). As a result, it may be challenging for the photographer to get the best shots of the couple and guests.

As a result, day-after photo shoots are becoming more popular for many wedding couples. Day-after photoshoots allow photographers to shoot the happy couple and family members in an alternate location than the wedding venue. This helps give the photographer additional time to find the most desired shots.

How do you see the photography industry-changing and new trends for next year?

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