Product Photography Techniques

Mondo Olfi product photo examples
MO Studios product photo examples

The use of creative product photography allows you to showcase your product to an online audience. Online shoppers prefer product images that infuse life into products regardless of selling. Therefore, good photos influence people’s purchasing decisions. Therefore, your product photography will need to engage your audience effectively. As a result, this translates into more sales for your business. This blog will learn how to get the most out of your product photography.

Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to product photography.


Backgrounds & Props in Product photography

MO STUDIOS creative product photography
Mo studios

For product photography, you should keep your background out of focus. When the background is unfocused, your products will immediately draw your audience to your business. Therefore, you need to keep your main product in front while the background remains blurred. Again, different props and environments help customers imagine and understand the product’s intended use.

Product photography Editing

Sometimes, demonstrating a product’s core offering and benefits may prove difficult. A way to resolve this involves using clever imagery to explain what your product is that a traditional photograph cannot vividly.

Product in Background

Sometimes, the capability and main benefit of a product is its ability to fit into the situation of a customer seamlessly. To clearly show this, you have to use a clear photo of the product within its intended environment or use, but the product should not be the focal point.

Stand-Alone Product

As opposed to our initial point, it may be necessary for the product to display on its own in certain circumstances. Specifically, if the product is detailed, shooting a stand-alone photo enables its simplicity to be showcased.

MO STUDIOS  Product photoraphy
Mo studios

Suspended Product Photography

When you want to showcase the main strengths of a product, you can hang the product up and capture it. One of the main benefits of this is mid-air positioning of a product dramatizes the shot which leaves an indelible image in the viewer’s mind.

360° Spinning Product Photography

If you want to provide your customers with a more immersive product viewing experience of your products, you can use 360° spinning product photography. Using quality video loops provided by such spins provide unparalleled online 360° product images for your customers. In addition, customers have more control over what they see as they can view the product at their own pace while also showcasing every detail of the product you are selling.

People With Your Product

When your product’s core offering lies in its interactions with people, it is best if people appear in the shot. So you humanize the product and give it a personable appeal by including people.

MO STUDIOS Hand model photo
mO studios

All Products Options

You should let your customers know about the full range of your product line. Try Capture the scope of your entire product line in terms of size or style, and emphasis should be placed on these nuances.

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